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This page is created for data collection only.
We would like to know where you are visitng us from. Let us know where in the world you are opening this site at.

Reply to this post, and write down your country. If you like, you can also put your city. 😀If you’re even more enthusiastic, you can write more: Tagalog words and phrases that you’d recently learned. Express you hellos, and greeting (only if you like).


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  1. Great site! Very helpful for those people who want to learn Tagalog. I Hope there’s a share button so we can share this easily thanks! 😀

  2. Hello, I am Paul from the UK, I have been to the Philippines twice now and wish to learn tagalog so I can understand more on my next trip and help me to communicate and get the most from my time in the country, I love the Philippines and every time I go I find something new to see, its a wonderful place :o)

  3. Hi from Queensland, Australia, you guys do a great job and have helped me alot, keep up the good work.

  4. Osman Mohamed Zin said:

    My is Osman and I’m from Singapore. I’m interested to learn Tagalog simply because my wife is from Baguio City and I just want to impress her and my in-laws. It’s also quite a challenging to learn a new language. I’ve come across your website from downloading your podcast through iTunes. I like it very much but I was wondering is there a way for me to download it to my Nokia 5800 so that I will be able listen to the podcast often.

    Maraming Salamat po…..ingat.

  5. ting ting said:

    kumusta! ako si ting ting, but i make all the tagalog speakers call me christine, my middle name, because some of my friends calls me walis ting ting and thats not cool haha! I was born in hongkong, raised in mainland china, and now i live in the united states (california). I found the learn tagalog show on yahoo answers (i was searching for how to learn tagalog)…i’ve been trying to learn the language for the past month, but i was really busy and encountered sooooooo many difficulties. even the prefix pag have many different meanings when applied to many different words, unlike english, such as the prefix un only have one meaning–not (i.e. undo, unimportant, etc). also, i don’t understand when to use mag and nag, since some of the words already have the tenses…i find learn tagalog show every interesting on itunes and would love to know more about it. furthermore, the word ang roughly means the in english, but i see it in almost all sentences, even when translated in english, theres no “the”. i would LOVE to subscribe and later on i’m going to write an email. i also wonder how to get the password to the documents…i have learned some basic phrases and a little bit of tagalog grammar rules, but it is really confusing, the word/sentence structure, as well as grammar. i think the learn tagalog show will really help me with further understanding (because if i don’t understand it, i won’t be able to remember it).
    i have many reasons why i want to learn tagalog:
    1. its a romance language, it fascinates me, and it has some similarities as to spanish (i know a little bit of spanish), i want to learn it, just because…
    2. i will visit manila when i graduate from college so yeah!
    3. my major is business and learning languages will really help, and i’ll move to las vegas, nevada, a city that has a large asian population.
    4. tagalog happened to be one of the few asian languages that do not require writing symbols, so its easier for me, haha! and since i speak mandarin, cantonese, english, and a little spanish, i think tagalog accent wouldn’t be THAT hard…
    5. a lot of my friends speak tagalog, but are really bad teachers, so yeah…
    6. well…there is a person…who is…very very very…special to me…and…and…and…his native language is…tagalog…i would love to one day surprise him by conversing with him not using english but fluent tagalog…don’t get me wrong, he speaks fluent english, but i would love to surprise him!
    alright, thats a little bit about me. maraming salamat and i hope i can learn with “learning tagalog show” soon! babay!

    • Grace Emlano said:

      hi. i am a filipino. nice to know that you like to learn tagalog. i am a teacher. i can teach you online. you can email me at

      thanks and God bless.

    • Nestor otero said:

      Hi cristine

      Tagalog is not a romance language, its a derivate languge from the sanscrit, if you like to learn tagalog fast i can help you, nlogfenix(at)yahoo(dot)com


  6. Kumusta po kayo!

    Ako ay si Nestor from Puerto Rico, this is great site to learn tagalog,
    maraming marami salamat sa iyong lahat!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Hi Sandbar,

    You’re very welcome. We’re glad that it is of use to you.

    Maraming salam rin po!

    Learn Tagalog Show

  8. Thank you for the new lesson! I am glad to learn about the honorifics.

    I am learning from Doha, Qatar. So many friends from the Philippines here!

    Salamat po!

  9. Hi Bradford,

    I believe you are referring to our audio. About that, we have not published any lessons since that time.

    Right now, we are trying to do lesson 28/29/30 all at one shot. And Lesson 31/31B, still in progress.

    We may get time this week to do these podcasts, I’m still crossing my fingers!

    – Learn Tagalog Show

  10. Hello!

    I was a missionary in the Philippines from 2004-2006 speaking Ilonggo and Cebuano – now I’m learning Tagalog and I really like your lessons. Keep up the good work. The podcast RSS that I have only has one from 12/9/08 – do you have an alternate RSS that is up to date? Thanks again!


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