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Converted to E-book

Converted to E-book

The lesson has been converted into e-book.


Definitely guilty as charge…

Well, as you know, we weren’t able to upload any documents for the longest time.

But, now, we’re getting that dusty mic and pressing those sticky keys to get the lesson thing going.

Apologies listeners…

We’ve gotten busy – with all the school examinations. After that, the holidays!

No promises this time… but we’re definitely editing the docs we got here!

Listen in our next podcast!

Long and overdue

Thanks Tagalog Learners!

We’re very pleased that this page is still being visited – considering our long absence.

On Friday,  we will be publishing a new lesson on this website. Just the same as our previous lessons, it will be published in MS word format.

And for those who have asked for password, we will be sending it again via mailing list. 

Much regards,

Kamusta, Kamusta, Kamusta

Thanks for the comments we received in our long period of absence.

We’re not saying goodbye as yet; we’re working on a comeback.

Stay tuned for our new podcast.


Complete Lesson: 1-35

We’re glad that you are staying tuned; thank you. Here is simply a compiled copy of all the lessons; a few of the upcoming ones.

Lesson 001-035 (Complete Word Document) New!!

Learn Tagalog Show

Learn Tagalog – Lesson 033

Lesson 33


Lesson 33 will help you introduce others. It also refreshes your memory of past lesson about pronouns.

  • Introducing others
  • Using ANG for generic names/titles
  • Using SI for proper names
  • Using PO to express politeness

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