Beginner’s Course.


Documents that will be added in here will be password-protected. Passwords available only to mailing list subscribers.

  1. Answer Key: Lesson 001-005 {Nov. 29/07 – Jan. 9/08}
  2. Answer Key: Lesson 006-010 {Jan. 14/08 – Feb. 17/08}
  3. Answer Key: Lesson 011-015 {Feb. 29/08 – Mar. 16/08}
  4. Answer Key: Lesson 016-020 {Apr. 2/08 – Jun. 27/08}
  5. Answer Key: Lesson 021-025 {Sep. 28/08-Nov. 11/08} New!
  6. Answer Key: Lesson 026-030 {Nov. 29/08-Jan. 15/09} New!
  7. under construction
  8. under construction
  9. under construction
  10. under construction
  11. under construction
  12. under construction
  13. under construction
  14. under construction
  15. under construction
  16. under construction
  17. under construction
  18. under construction
  19. under construction
  20. under construction
  21. under construction
  22. under construction
  23. under construction
  24. under construction
  25. under construction
  26. under construction
  27. under construction
  28. under construction
  29. under construction
  30. under construction

Comments on: "Answers" (14)

  1. Jasmin Hill said:

    This site is extremely well put together! I love it and I’m glad I found it!=D

  2. Please add me to your mailing list so that I may access the answer keys. Salamat! Great site!

  3. ting ting said:

    I think I am on the mailing list since I got some emails, but regarding other people’s comments…I was wondering how I can receive the passwords to all the file documents? I really really really need to learn tagalog…and I loved listening to the learn tagalog show on itune…

  4. How do I get lessons 1-25 on to iTunes so I may download them to my iPod?

  5. I went to the answers page but I didn’t see the answers past lesson #20. Do you have an idea of when the answers will be available for lessons 21-30, or am I looking in the wrong spot? Salamat!

    You rservice is so wonderful. I am meeting my Filipina girlfriend’s family this summer and your show is helping me to feel more comfortable speaking to them and being around them.

    BTW – do you know any websites that deal with Filipino culture and etiquette? I met her oldest aunt (Ate) and when she held out her hand I was getting ready to kiss it…fortunately, I realized in time that I was supposed to touch her hand to my forehead. My babee informed me that I almost made a grave error.

    Maraming salamat!

    • We will have those answers done ASAP. : )

      We’ve just been terribly out of time these past weeks, having left our HQ for a little vacation. But, we’ll get that through soon enough.

      About the the Filipino culture, I don’t know of such website. But, it would be better to visit your book stores and read those Philippine Travel books – I believe they contain some of the information you need.

      Anyway, we’re glad that you’re feeling comfortable with the language. 🙂

  6. Do you have an idea of when the answers will be available for lessons 21-30. Salamat!

  7. Could you please send me the password for the lesson 1-5…salamat =]

  8. Could you send me the password for Lesson 1-15 Answer keys. Thank you.

  9. First, I want to thank you for your service. My girlfriend enjoys so much that I am trying to learn her language. Thank you for making this easy.
    Second, I am using the password from Sabado 13 Dec 08 but I can not access the answer keys for Lessons 001 – 015. Am I doing something wrong? Please help me. Salamat po.

    • Hi Scip,

      Well, the problem may be from your cutting-pasting. Careful. Highlighting the password sometimes gives an extra character space at the end of the password – making the password you enter on the field one character more.

      It is good to simply type it in. 🙂

      – Learn Tagalog Show

  10. I just joined the mailing list so I didn’t receive the answer key via email and don’t have a password to open them. Could you please send me the password to the current answer keys? Salamat 🙂

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