Beginner’s Course.

Well, as you know, we weren’t able to upload any documents for the longest time.

But, now, we’re getting that dusty mic and pressing those sticky keys to get the lesson thing going.

Apologies listeners…

We’ve gotten busy – with all the school examinations. After that, the holidays!

No promises this time… but we’re definitely editing the docs we got here!

Listen in our next podcast!


Comments on: "Definitely guilty as charge…" (6)

  1. hi, i just discovered your blog and your uploads and i’d just like to say thank you so much! they are very helpful. keep up the good work and may God bless you with the Best

  2. How much longer will we go without more podcasts? Your method of teaching is superior to others, however you are leaving crows of people hanging. On iTunes, it also seems that previous episodes are missing. Is there any way to see what can be done to make aure all previous episodes are available?

    • sorry about that… ^_^ forgive for the long, long, long delay… sched has been too tight to squeeze podcast recording… but will try to manage this summer vacation…

  3. Theresa said:

    Hi: I appreciate all of your hard work, past, present and if you get to it, future. Alam ko how busy things can get. I make use of the archives all the time. Although,I really miss the Tagalog Phrase ng Araw, they say you need to practice a little each day when learning a langauge and that was a big help.
    Maraming ,maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat sa keeping the archives we need reminders. Mahusay!

  4. when can we expect another podcast? or is your heart not in it any more? its been since April of last year!

  5. Thank you so much for you web site that I found searching the web.

    After 35 years, I am returning to the Philippines on March 4th for a 10 day trip to assist in children feeding programs and teach good hygiene practices and nutrition to both the children and parents. We will also be supplying tools for good hygiene and gifts.


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