Beginner’s Course.

Complete Lesson: 1-35

We’re glad that you are staying tuned; thank you. Here is simply a compiled copy of all the lessons; a few of the upcoming ones.

Lesson 001-035 (Complete Word Document) New!!

Learn Tagalog Show


Comments on: "Complete Lesson: 1-35" (3)

  1. Been trying to find a way to download all of the audio lessons, a lot of the come up as “not shared” when you click on them. Just wondering if there is another way to download them.

  2. I have noticed that Lesson 17 is missing from this document. Do you have plans to include it in the future? I have printed it seperate but, did not know if you realized that it is missing here. Thanks for providing this site and all your time to make such a site like this. You must have no time for yourselves. I do hope that you continue. If at some point you do not feel like going on, just know that your hard work and efforts to teach your language is very much appreciated by many out here wanting to learn Tagalog……

  3. melissa said:

    i was just able to look at the compiled files for lesson 1-35. it looks really good!! i actually had already printed all of them as you guys were posting them long time ago, but i was just so busy lately, and my tagalog was being pushed in the back of my brain…. lol 🙂
    i noticed you haven’t really posted new blogs, and there aren’t any new podcasts. does this mean it is the end of the show, or are you busy too? just wondering! i really do love this show, and i don’t want it to end.

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