Beginner’s Course.

Lesson 20

Lesson 020
PYL# 4 Audio


Comments on: "Learn Tagalog – Lesson 020" (5)

  1. I will look for it, Willaert.

    However, I will have to respond to you about this in the new year. The computer we use for our files is currently down. So, we’ll have to respond much later – to look for it.


  2. Willaert Luc said:

    Magandang araw,

    I am looking for the sound module of lesson 20, but I can’t find it because I only find a rehearsal of the previous lessons. Does it exist and if so where do I find it.

    Maraming salamat


  3. learntagalogshow said:

    Hi Steve. Thanks for the comments. We’ll try and figure out how to obtain the RSS feed; that might take a while. (But, we’ll still try).

  4. i would love to learn words that have to do with travel as used in the philippines. when you ride a cab or when you take a jeepney, or a trike, you always need to be able to communicate your destination with these drivers. you also need to be able to ask homw much is the fair.
    i travel at least once a year to the philippines , so knowing how to communicate with them is essential.

  5. now that you have moved to this new web page, we will need a rss feed button so we can subscribe and still be getting the lessons.

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