Beginner’s Course.

Lesson 2

Learn about Tagalog greetings with politeness.

Lesson 002


Comments on: "Learn Tagalog – Lesson 002" (2)

  1. Learn Tagalog said:

    Hi Joetx023. Good examination. But, unfortunately the answer would be no. “Po” and “Ho” are words of politeness – They do not have a translation. You can think of it as such because it is an easier way to think of it. Other teachers may suggest that also. However, “Po” and “Ho” are more of an additive to a sentence; it changes the manner of a sentence.

    The words for SIR/MA’AM is:

    Ginang (Use of Mrs.)
    Ginoong (Sir)
    Binibini (Miss)


  2. I know its not a direct translation but couldn’t po (and maybe even ho) be translated as sir/ma’am?

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